What is InfoClin Triage™?

InfoClin Triage™ is an easy to use desktop solution that helps clinics:

  • prioritize appointment setting
  • optimize the use of EMR data
  • increase revenue without increasing costs

InfoClin Triage™ identifies low risk and high priority patients so that clinic staff can manage patient appointments for optimum patient and clinic results.

This is a valuable solution available to clinics throughout Canada.

InfoClin Triage™ Process

Step 1

Algorithms extract, clean and analyze primary clinic EMR data

Step 2

Easily identify high priority and low risk patients

Step 3

Save physician and patient time by offering telephone prescription renewals

Step 4

See more high priority patients without forgetting about low risk patients

Why Choose us?

InfoClin Triage™ increases clinic and physician capacity without adding to physician and staff workloads

InfoClin Triage™ self funds from increases to out of basket billings

Identifies patients eligible for telephone prescription renewals.

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InfoClin Triage™ Stories

InfoClin Triage™ gives clinic staff  information at their fingertips to proactively identify, schedule and offer care options to high priority and low risk patients.  Lower risk patients may be offered telephone prescription renewal or appointments .